CFP: [Graduate] Exploring Literary Space: The Dialectics of Inside and Outside

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Holly Dupej
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Exploring Literary Space: The Dialectics of Inside and Outside

FreeX 2009, a Graduate Student Conference
Friday February 27 â€" Sunday March 1, 2009
Hosted by the graduate students of the University of Calgary’s English
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

CFP DEADLINE: Friday January 2, 2009

Whether addressing the physical space of the page, imagined spaces of
subjectivities, or actual spaces of geography, spatial discourse has played
a significant role in literary criticism. Often creating a discourses of
inclusion and exclusion, theories of actual and imagined spaces go hand in
hand with the formation and transformation of subjectivities, communities,
audiences, and official canons. Yet, in a world where globalization is
increasingly a favoured term, many traditional concepts of space are fast
eroding â€" replaced by ideas of connectivity, multiculturalism,
transnationalism, and the global village. As a result, we are faced with an
opportunity to consider the role of “space” in literary criticism, and how
that role may contribute to our broader understanding of the dichotomies of
divisions/unities, borders/connections, and inclusions/exclusions.

We invite submissions of 250 word abstracts for original academic papers on
the conference theme. We encourage participation from graduate students of
any discipline, including but not limited to English literature, film
studies, visual culture, gender studies, and cultural studies.

Topics might address but are not limited to the following questions:

• How has the concept of space been used in past literary periods? In what
ways do those perspectives compare and contrast to the present use of the term?

• What function does the notion of space play in postcolonial literatures,
which are often concerned with identities based on geographic and cultural
divisions? How might postcolonial perspectives create opportunities to
unite as well as divide disparate literatures?

• How does the division and/or blending of domestic (private) and political
(public) spheres affect the representation of marginalized subjectivities
(be they related to class, ethnicity, gender, race or sexualities)?

• How does space function, either ideologically or physically, to
create/recreate ideological structures?

• In what ways do other literary mediums (film, new media, or virtual
spaces) challenge conventional uses of space? In what ways do other
literary mediums alter/perpetuate our conceptions of inclusion and exclusion?

• How does the current climate of globalization affect notions of
citizenship, nationhood, and national literatures?

• In what ways does literature offer the possibility to (re)conceptualize
space and place as useful concepts in our increasingly globalized world?

CFP DEADLINE: Friday January 2, 2009

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