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Francesca Saggini
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Invitation to contribute to a Seminar entitled:
“Gothic Re-mediations. Conjuring Ghosts Across the Media.”

Monstrous Media/Spectral Subjects. 9th International Gothic Association
(IGA) Conference. Lancaster 21-24 July 2009. http://www.monstrous-

Phantasm. From Gk. phantazein "to make visible, display," from stem of
phainein "to show." Spectrum. From L. specere “to look at, view.”.
Suffix â€"STRUM. Instrument; the instrument for viewing.
Interdisciplinary contributions are invited on the subject of the re-
mediation and transcoding of ghosts, spectres, and phantoms,
particularly, though by no means exclusively, in Anglophone literatures.
The phenomenology of the ghostly transfer across the media may include,
among others, the following forms of intersemiotic and transgeneric
shifts, intersections, and negotiations:

- linguistic transits (for instance, dubbing, subtitles);
- interlinguistic and intralinguistic translations (appropriations,
re-tellings, narrativisations);
- transcultural adaptation and recontextualising;
- visualisation (illustration, graphic adaptations, cartoons);
- paintings;
- stage and screen adaptations;
- digital transmission (including hypertexts).

Examples of class-room/lecture-hall ‘ghost conjuring’ through DVDs,
slides, projections, and videos are particularly welcome. Abstracts of up
to 300-word should be sent by e-mail attachment (no Word2007) to the
above address by 20 December 2008.

Seminar convenor: Prof. Francesca Saggini, Università della Tuscia
(Italy) â€" University of Glasgow (UK). E-mail:

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