CFP: [Gender Studies] Sex and the City1860-1930 ;Women and the Urban Experience

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Dr. Laurence J. Marriott

Sex and the City 1860-1930: Women and the Urban Experience

An International Interdisciplinary Conference
School of the Arts, The University of Northampton, 10-11 July 2009

Increased industrialisation in the latter half of the nineteenth century
saw an influx of people into cities, many of whom were single women who
moved to the city to work. Hence, women became consumers as well as
producers. Was their perceived financial independence a reality or a myth?
 How did women respond to being the “customer”? Was there a conscious
“gendering” of the way in which stores displayed their goods? How were
independent women portrayed in the literature, film and publications of the
period? What was the significance of the flâneuse and [how] did she
displace/differ from the flâneur? Did the city effect a shift in sexual
mores? How far did immigrant women’s socio-sexual role change when they
moved, for example, from Eastern Europe to the USA? To what extent did the
city offer “safe” spaces for single women, or was the city more sexually
dangerous? These are among the many intriguing questions that arise…
Papers are invited on the following (or related) topics:
· cinematic and pictorial representations of city women
· city woman as sexual predator/sexual victim
· “New Woman” in the city space
· women and their workplaces
· woman as consumer
· advertising to women; advertising using women
· socio-linguistics and the city woman
· fashion â€" dressing for the city
· the flâneuse - women in urban spaces
· socio-political notions of the woman’s role in urban society
· comparison of roles of urban and rural women
· streetwalking, the prostitute, the madame, the brothel
· entrepreneurial/politically active women
Panel proposals are most welcome. (Three speakers â€" chair will be provided)
Abstracts of 200 words for 20-minute papers by 31st March 2009 to or
 Or by post to: Dr. Laurence Marriott/Dr. Sonya Andermahr, Avenue Campus,
St. George’s Avenue, Northampton NN2 6JD, U.K.

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