CFP: [Theatre] The Language of the Stage: Translation, Adaptation, and Dramaturgy

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Kurt Taroff
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The Language of the Stage:
Translation, Adaptation, and Dramaturgy

The Translation, Adaptation, and Dramaturgy (formerly known as From Page to
Stage) working group of the International Federation for Theatre Research
(IFTR/FIRT) is proud to announce its change in title, and to offer a call
for papers for its first official meeting under the new name, to be held at
IFTR’s annual conference in Lisbon, Portugal from July 14-17, 2008.

The work of the From Page to Stage group primarily engaged with the process
of bringing the written text to life on stage. And as we begin our
explorations anew, we look to extend and refocus this project, to include
issues of pressing importance to theatre worldwide, but particularly to an
organization such as IFTR. In this meeting, and in future, our group will
investigate the complicated interplay between notions of translation,
adaptation, and performance, interrogating the idea that the very process
of bringing a text to the stage is in itself one of translation and/or
adaptation, and parsing the distinctions and interconnections between these
concepts. In seeking to examine this process from both an academic and
practical perspective, we particularly welcome the contribution of
dramaturgs, who often play a multi-layered role of bridging divides:
between text and director, production and audience, and, often, between
cultures, in ensuring the cultural legibility (and, ideally, fidelity) of
the performance.

We invite papers on all aspects of translation, adaptation and dramaturgy
for our meeting in Lisbon. These may take the form of case studies,
theoretical investigations, or historical surveys. In addition, we welcome
prospective members to take part in this first meeting without papers, to
engage with the work presented, share their own ideas and experiences, and
take part in what we hope will be a spirited debate over the group’s new

While all related papers will be welcomed, of particular interest will be
essays that address the issue of cross-cultural theatrical production. By
2011, the group aims to publish two edited volumes under the title The
Language of the Stage. The first volume will examine productions of world
drama on Western stages, and the second, conversely, productions of Western
drama in the wider world. Ideally, these collections will examine issues
both theoretical and practicalâ€"logistics of translation practice, the
ethics of cross-cultural translation, strategies for producing
comprehension, and other, similar considerations. The essays in these
volumes will ideally present a cross-section of the group’s work; a review
of our past, and a seed for our future.

Please send 200-word abstracts to Kurt Taroff at by
January 25, 2009.

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