CFP: [Theory] Critical Sense: Institutional Memory/Memorializing Institutions

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Ben Krupicka



Institutional Memory/Memorializing Institutions

Critical Sense, an interdisciplinary journal supported by the Townsend
Center at the University of California, Berkeley, invites submissions for
its Spring 2009 issue on different modalities and understandings of memory,
remembrance and recollection.

Memory is a topic that is often approached within single disciplinary
models, within an institution, or within various closed boundaries. Each
institution or discipline or community has a unique answer--or even several
answers--to the question of what memory is and how it functions. How,
then, do the different institutions or academic disciplines constitute
themselves through memory? What does the collectivity of memory in
institutional structures do to the practice of memory itself?

We are looking for submissions from all disciplines that engage with the
topic of memory and remembrance precisely as a disciplinary topic. We are
particularly interested in questions about the political, historical, and
psychological implications arising from diverse forms of memory. For
instance, how do scientific discoveries and new media alter our
understanding of memory and other related concepts? Or, how is memory
embodied (in stories, traditions, physical memorials, etc.) and how does
this affect the practice of social remembrance across time? These are
simply suggestions of questions or approaches to the conception of

We also welcome book reviews on any topic within the orbit of political and
cultural theory, whether related or unrelated to the issue's theme. Papers
should be no more than 30 pages; reviews, no more than 10.

DEADLINE: All submissions are due by JANUARY 31st, 2009 and should be sent
electronically to Along with possible
publication, the editors will be considering submissions for inclusion in a
Spring 2009 conference on the same topic.

Critical Sense is located online at

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