CFP: [Theory] The Role of the Writer in the Process of Creating and Defining Art

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College English Association-Caribbean Chapter

Deadline Extension for the CEA-CC’s 2009 Conference

Call for Papers for a Panel for the Conference on Art and the Artist in

The Caribbean Chapter of the College English Association (CEA-CC) is
extending the deadline for submitting proposals for the next conference,
Art and the Artist in Society (University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo; March
13-14), until January 18th. We are especially interested in
presentations for a session on the writer’s role in the process of
creating and defining art.

In the process through which we produce texts, evaluate them, determine
their meaning/significance, and categorize them as art, we find that the
raw materials of our culture are handled (collected, shaped, reshaped,
and configured) by a large and diverse group of people. For instance, in
literature, we find that the author(s), the editor(s), the critics, and
even the readers all have a say in what is read, preserved, and later on
studied as art. In film and theater we find the same situation, only
here the discussion as to what should be categorized as art includes a
larger group of people: writers, producers, directors, performers,
critics, among many others. Each of these agents stake their opinion
about what the text conveys or communicates, how it does it, and why it
is important. The debate in the 19th and 20th centuries about the role
that these agents play in the process of creating and defining art has
resulted in the decline of the writer’s authority over his/her work (what
he/she does, its significance, and the meaning/interpretation of the
final product).

This panel will explore the role of the writer in the process through
which we produce texts, evaluate them, determine their significance, and
categorize them as art. Beyond this, we are looking for presentations
that give possible answers to all or some of the following question: Who
defines the role of the writer in this process? Is it the critics, the
editors and publishers, or the readers? How have these other agents
affected the writer’s work? How have they affected literary production
in general? How have the writers attempted to define the role of the
writer/artist? What has been the significance of this attempt in our
understanding of the artist’s role in society? We also welcome any
presentation that might talk about the representations of the
writer/artist in literature, theater, and /or film, and how these
representations answer any of the questions above.

Presenters must be registered members of the CEA-CC at the time of the

Please send 200 word proposals for 20 minute presentation to José Jiménez-
Justiniano at The deadline for
submitting proposals is January 18th. Proposals should be sent as part
of a text message, not as an attachment. For more information please
visit our site on the internet (

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