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Lori Oxford
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for an edited volume
Edited by Lori Oxford and Elena Adell

Throughout Cuba’s history, many of the events that have taken place and philosophies that have
appeared on the island have also made their marks elsewhere, especially in other areas of Latin
America. The heavy influences of African cultures, art, music, and languages that represented
some of what the island inherited from centuries of slave trading were certainly not unique to
Cuba, nor was its colonial relationship with Spain. Cuba is not the only Latin American country
to enjoy/endure such close geographical proximity to the United States, and it is not the only
nation to have undergone a popular revolution with roots in Soviet philosophies. Even so,
somehow the combination of all of these aspects, despite their being shared with Cuba’s
neighbors, as well as the timing of events and their distinct relationships of cause and effect,
have endowed the island nation with a unique history and society, which have in turn allowed the
cultural and artistic production to flourish in a way unlike any other. Events in Cuba’s recent
history, in particular the crisis into which the island sank after the fall of communism in Eastern
Europe and the loss of its greatest economic benefactor, have contributed to Cuba’s unique
situation. With this in mind, the volume will serve as a cultural reader for contemporary Cuba, in
particular the Cuba of the Special Period.

The editors seek essays from various cultural media and perspectives, especially those that
reflect circumstances or situations that are uniquely Cuban. Some ideas that could be addressed
might include any of the following, both as genre and as social phenomenon or political tool:
-poetry/poesía visual
-language shifts, slang, new vocabulary incorporated in the Special Period (such as pingueros or
-economy/society (such as how Cubans have dealt with having multiple currencies
simultaneously, or how basic foods can be top items on the black market)
-representations of Cuba outside of the island (such as films made by Spanish or US directors,
political cartoons in newspapers, etc.)
-television shows

While the primary focus of this volume is culture and cultural production in contemporary Cuba,
we will also consider work that deals with related topics, as long as those topics can be shown to
affect this issue directly, as in essays revealing economic policies (whether internal or external)
and their consequences on life and culture. In the same way, we will consider interviews or
testimonial pieces, provided that the author explicitly attend to the links between the content of
these pieces and the overall focus of the volume.

Synopses (1-2 pages) of proposed manuscripts should be submitted to each of the editors via
email, along with a copy of the author’s CV, by March 1, 2009. Submissions in English are
preferred, but the editors are happy to work with authors to set up translation from Spanish.

Lori Oxford (lfoxford_at_email.wcu.edu)
Western Carolina University

Elena Adell (eadell_at_unca.edu)
University of North Carolina - Asheville

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