CFP: [General] Exhumations and the Revisiting of the Past

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Jordan Berard

Exhumations and the Revisiting of the Past

Fourth Annual University of Ottawa English Department Graduate Conference

June 12th - 13th, 2009

What’s dead does not always stay buried, and what’s buried is not always
dead. To exhume is to bring forth from the earthâ€"to dredge up, to revivify,
to resurrect. Issues of life and death abound, but is the binary secure?
Are there subterranean survivals? Can the dead walk the earth? And what of
the inanimateâ€"can ruins be refurbished? Can artifacts find new use? Can
undercurrents become overtones? Can the past be reconstructed as the
present and telescoped into the future? We seek papers answering these and
other questions and welcome submissions from students in all disciplines.
Topics to address include, but are not limited to:

- Exhumation
- Ancestors
- Religion
- Archaeology
- Paleontology
- Resurrection
- Tradition
- Regaining Memory
- Ossification
- Revivification
- Old Traditions in New Media
- The Subterranean
- Zombies and the Undead
- The Chthonic
- Secret Histories
- Reconstruction of the Past
- Fictionalization of the Past
- The Artifact
- Ruins
- Catacombs
- Paleoconservatism
- Historiographic Metafiction


While Exhumations is a graduate-oriented conference, the organizing
committee would like to put together an undergraduate panel. If you know a
promising undergraduate who might be interested in such an opportunity,
please pass this along.

Because Exhumations is an interdisciplinary conference, we gladly welcome
submissions from students in any field.

Proposals for 20-minute presentations in English or French should be no
more than 300 words in length and must be submitted, along with a brief
(100 word) biography, to no later than March
22nd, 2009.

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