CFP: [20th] Memories of War (04.30.09; 09.17-19.09) - GdaÅsk, Poland

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David Malcolm
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Memories of War: Representations of Military Violence and Its Consequences
in Literature, Film and Popular Culture

A conference organized jointly by the Polish Institute and the English
Institute of the University of GdaÅ"sk, Poland

17-19 September 2009 in GdaÅ"sk, Poland

The conference has as its primary focus the Second World War (1939-1945).
This concentration is motivated by the site of the conference (GdaÅ"sk,
Poland, where the conflict began) and its opening date (on 17 September
1939 the Soviet Union invaded Poland in support of the earlier German
attack on the country). In addition, the choice of focus recognizes that
for Poles, as for Jews, the 1939-1945 war outweighs any other recent war in
importance. The literature and culture of English-speaking countries is,
however, also rich in responses to the Second World War. It is hoped that
the bringing together of Polish and English-language treatments of the
conflict will open up useful comparative perspectives.

The conference organizers also invite contributions on French and German
experience of the 1939-1945 War.

They further seek proposals for papers on post-1945 conflicts, such as the
war in Vietnam, colonial struggles, and the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

The languages of the conference will be Polish and English. Simultaneous
translation services (Polish-English and English-Polish) will be provided
for all sessions.

A peer-reviewed selection of conference papers will be published in Polish
and in English.


  1. "How to Kill"/"Nuts!" -- the experience of combat, heroism and fear

  2. "Still Falls the Rain"/"Supply Pressed American Meat" -- daily
     life on the Home Front

  3. A Woman's War -- Nurses, Doctors, Land Girls, WRNS, WAAFS, Rosie
     the Riveter and others

  4. "Little Eden"/"The Painted Bird" -- children at war

  5. "Mysterious Kôr" -- war and the erotic

  6. "Where Was God?"/ 'how everything turns away / quite leisurely
     from the disaster' -- literary treatments of war crimes and
     genocide; the Holocaust as subject matter

  7. "Vergissmeinnicht"/"Maus" - memory and war

  8. "Oversexed, overpaid, over here"/"Refugee Blues" -- soldiers
     abroad, the experience of refugees

  9. From "Banzai! Schweinhund!" to "The One Who Got Away"/"Letters
     from Iwo Jima" -- the enemy in literature and film

 10. "The Anatomy of Treason"/"Keep Mum, She's Not So Dumb" -- traitors
     in fiction and fact

 11. "The Man in the High Castle"/"SS-GB" -- alternative wars, counter

 12. "Went the Day Well?" -- war films 1939-1945, and after

 13. "Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall"/"Catch 22" -- comic
     treatments of war

 14. "The First Casualty" -- war propaganda in film and words

 15. Post-1945 Conflicts:

- "Just below the Manchurian border / Korea's the name of the spot" --
literature and the Korean War

- "The Battle of Algiers" -- colonial conflicts (Kenya, Cyprus, Algeria,
Suez, Mozambique, Angola)

- "Why Are We in Vietnam?"/"Dispatches"/"Charlie don't surf" -- the Vietnam War

- "Jarheads and Towelheads" -- the Gulf Wars, Iraq, Afganistan

- "Wag the Dog" -- the news media and film in post-1945 conflicts

Send abstracts of papers (250 words, in the body of the text, not in an
attachment), with a brief biographical note, to Professor Marek WilczyÅ"ski
( <>) and Professor David Malcolm
( <>) by 30 April 2009.

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