CFP: [Religion] SWCCL: From Lesser Lights to Greater: Grace and Literary Traditions

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Evan Getz
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>From Lesser Lights to Greater: Grace and Literary Traditions

Houston Baptist University, Houston, Texas
October 1-3, 2009

Keynote Speaker: Phillip Donnelly, Baylor University


James 1:17 states, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of lights.” Since antiquity Christians have
affirmed that God is the source of language, that he invests language
with meaning, and that language may convey prevenient grace. At the same
time, Christians have also been keenly aware that, as a result of the
Fall, language can conceal God’s grace. Within language there arises a
tension between revealing and concealing, which has formed and informed
much of literature and its study. This conference aims to explore the
implications of this tension as reflected in the literature and literary
theory of Christian and non-Christian writers.

We invite papers that comment upon the relationship between literature,
language, and God’s grace, which may include the following sub-topics:

• Christianity, literature, and nature
• The iconic or iconoclastic in literature
• Sacramentalism and the written word
• Christianity and the Triviumâ€"Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric
• Christianity and literary hermeneutics
• The Bible as literature
• Realist and representational literature
• The plenty or poverty of language
• Literary outworkings of cataphatic and apophatic theology
• Other topics related to literature, language, and grace

Inquiries are welcomed at any time. Abstracts should be submitted online
by May 1, 2009 to

For graduate students, CCL offers up to $500 for travel expenses incurred
from participating (i.e., presenting a paper) at a regional CCL meeting.
For further information about applying, see the CCL website:

Houston Baptist University in the southwest quadrant of Houston. Tours of
local museums and other social events will be part of the conference.

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