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Mary Ruth Marotte and Paige Reynolds

The editors of Dads in Academia: Male Voices In and Out of the Ivory Tower
invite contributions for an interdisciplinary collection of creative
nonfiction essays on the rewards and challenges of being both a father and
an academic. Much recent discussion about the juxtaposition of parenthood
and the academy has focused on the difficulties that female professors
face when they choose to become mothers. Books like Mama, PhD: Women Write
about Motherhood and Academic Life, edited by Caroline Grant and Elrena
Evans, depict the oftentimes bleak prospects of merging the two
endeavors. This collection welcomes the masculine voice into this lively
and provocative dialogue. Further, Dads in Academia creates a space for
male professors to describe their own experiences of balancing the demands
and desires of two worlds that have changed notably throughout the past
few decades: fatherhood and academia.

We encourage contributors to consider the changing cultural perceptions,
representations, and expectations associated with fatherhood, and to
explore the impact of such changes on their identities as teachers and
scholars. Increasingly, fathers are taking on a more intense role with
regard to child-rearing than ever before. How do today’s male academics
view their participation in the parenting process? How is this changing
the nature of the job? Has the evolving role of the father in
contemporary society changed the job itself?

We also welcome essays that focus on how the evolution of fatherhood is
changing the face of academia. Have we seen any concrete changes on
college campuses to encourage the “professor as interactive father”
schemata? What is the climate like for male professors who “want it all”?
Are they able to balance fatherhood and the road to tenure? What gives?

Deadline: March 1, 2009

Length: 1,500 to 4,000 words

Format: Essays must be typed, double-spaced, and paginated.
                Please include your name, address, phone number, e-mail
                address, and a short bio on the last page.

Submissions: Please send to mrmarotte_at_uca.edu or preynolds_at_uca.edu.

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