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With the initiation of 20th century the existing situations stirred the
artistic fervour of many genius English writers of subcontinent. From
1920 to 1940, the main themes of the novels remained historical and
romantic. As India approached its freedom, the writers, too, shifted
their lanterns towards nationalism and heroism. Freedom brought mixed
feelings. But it also resulted in partition and Pakistan was born.
Anyhow, time started healing the wounds and people moved on in their
lives. With a sudden widening of horizons, a deeper interest in the
history of the country and people was reflected. Post independent
novelists showed a conflict of ideologies. Poverty, hunger, oppression,
gender issues, female exploitation and death formed the part of symphony
on one hand, while movements like humanitarianism, socialism, liberalism,
feminism and finer and more sublime aspects of their dreams for the
future loomed on the other hand.

Pakistan and Bangladesh both gave new dimensions to the literary minds of
many writers of concerned territories. New born countries sandwiched
between fighting religious administration and cultural considerations.
This made the subcontinent pass through an experimentative period
carrying a legacy of partition wounds and struggling to retain its deep
rooted identity.

Apart from male writers, the women writers though less in number, also
contributed their mite to the corpus of sub continental writings. Kamala
Markandeya, Ruth Prawar Jhabwala, Shakuntala Shrinagesh, Nayantara
Sehgal, Shashi Deshpande, Rama Mehta are some sparkling minds which paved
way for the contemporary women writers of the subcontinent. The fire and
aggression displayed by writers like Anita Desai, Jhumpa Lahiri, Bapsi
Sidhwa, Taslima Nasreen and many Diasporic writers enable them to qualify
a respectable niche in the world of sub-continental writers.

The image of women, of course, has undergone a change during the last
decades from the portrayal of enduring women towards conflicting
individuals in search of an identity, a space of their own. They not only
re-interpret mythology by using new symbols and subverting the canonical
versions but also exhibit the panorama of multi- culturalism,
displacement of self and quest for identity.

The present anthology is intended at recording the voices of sub-
continental women writers. Interested scholars are requested to submit a
120-160 words abstract (and later the Papers) through e-mail MS-Word
(2000-2003 versions) attachment to either Dr. Binod Mishra at or Dr. Kalpana Purohit at latest before 15th March, 2009.Papers will be
expected both in soft as well as hard copies with proper latest MLA Style
documentation. The anthology will be published by a reputed Indian
publisher and all the contributors will get a complimentary copy of the
book. In case of any queries, you may write to either of the editors at
their postal address:

Dr. Binod Mishra
Assistant Professor of
English .
Deptt of Humanities & Social Sciences
IIT Roorkee, UA-247667
Fax: 01332-273560
Res: 28/1 Neetinagar,
Civil Lines, IIT Roorkee-247667
01332-286895(R), M: 09410328125

Dr Kalpana Rajput
Deptt of English, JNV Univ
Jodhpur, Rajasthan-342005
0291- 27232396,M: 9414412918
Res: B-50 Krishna Nagar
New Pali Road,Jodhpur

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