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Batı Kültürü ve Edebiyat Araştırmaları

Symposium of Western Cultural and Literary Studies

7-8-9 Ekim 2009

7-8-9 October 2009

The BAKEA Symposium welcomes papers from the researchers in the fields of English, American, French and German Cultures and Literatures

Extended deadline for proposals:
31 March 2009

European Fiction has steadily moved its centre of gravity from myths towards romance, epic, tragedy, comedy, realistic fiction and ironic mode. Depending upon this movement, the nature of the hero has also changed. Fictions can be classified by the hero's power of action. In the last twenty years particularly, there has been a growing interest in studying history, literature, and culture on the same ground. Researchers from different academic interests study the themes of heroism and ideology in order to analyze not only the contemporary politics, ideologies, identities and cultures, but also classical texts.
This conference, therefore, aims to discuss the themes of hero and ideology in Western literatures and culture to analyze how they shaped the contemporary forms of fiction. Researchers from English, American, French and German Language and Literature Departments are invited to participate in the discussion of the theme of heroism from the perspectives of literary and cultural studies, psychoanalysis and literature, philosophy and/of literature, ideology and/of literature, media and literature, politics and/of literature, history and/of literature. Interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives are also welcome.
Within this general framework, the topic of the conference may include but not limited to the following:

Hero(ine) / Anti-Hero(ine)
Phenomenal Hero
Traditional Hero
Ideological Hero
Divinely Hero
Mythic Hero
Hero of Romance
Aristotelian Hero
Hero of Comedy/Realistic Fiction
Ironic Hero

Please send a 200-250 word-abstract with a short bio by 6 March 2009 to one of the following addresses:
bakea.pau@gmail.com, macelikel@pau.edu.tr, bde@pau.edu.tr
Organising Committee
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul İşler
Assist. Prof. Dr. Meryem Ayan
Assist. Prof. Dr. Cumhur Yılmaz Mardan
Assist. Prof. Dr. Yavuz Çelik
Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Çelikel
Dr. Şeyda İnceoğlu
Lecturer Nevin Usul
Re. Assist. Baysar Tanıyan