Rethinking Humanities

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International Conference on Humanities in the 21st Century
"Rethinking Humanities"
June 27 & 28, 2009
C PRACSIS, Thrissur, Kerala, India 680001
Keynote: Gayathri Chakrvorthy Spivak
The conference, "Rethinking Humanities" attempts to interrogate how the future of humanities can be traced and interpreted from various academic and philosophical quarters, and the ways in which interdisciplinary endeavours in all realms of knowledge respond to this effort. It is widely accepted that Humanities in the academia has encountered unusually critical challenges in the last few decades. The question of how these challenges are transmitted through the corpus and the methodological and canonical framework of traditional Humanities will be pivotal in the making of the conference. The conference attempts in a broad manner to address the following issues:

Contemporary interpretations of the crisis in humanities
The genealogies of interdisciplinarity in humanities
The historical contexts of evolution of humanities
Humanities and Social Sciences
Posthumanities and production of knowledge
Humanities and artificial intelligence
Theories of technoculture and Cyber space and humanities
Humanities and globalization
Humanities and visual culture
Philosophy in 21 Cen. academia
The theory and practice of the arts in the 21st century
Art and aesthetics as disciplines
Theatre studies and interdisciplinary approaches
Performance and philosophy
Technology and Humanities
Art and Social Sciences
Visual Arts and the Virtual Reality
20th century approaches to humanities
The future of humanities in Asia
The fact that one of the major paradigms which re-organized many disciplines, including social sciences in the last century was the paradigm of visual culture and this issue has been crucial in designing the theme of this conference. The age of the 'visual', with its alteration of the priorities of modernity and the privileging of the spectacle incites serious reconsideration of Humanities within the contexts of the cultural practices of 21st century. C PRACSIS invites papers for presentation in the proposed conference on 27 and 28 June 2009 at Thrissur, Kerala, India; on topics of similar wavelength.
C PRACSIS is a non profit organisation dedicated to research and innovations in visual media and culture and performance, located in Thrissur, Kerala, India with the support of an international community.
Kindly send the abstracts of the papers to or to on or before April 20, 2009. Information regarding the acceptance of the paper will be send within five days of the receipt of the abstract. Updates will be available soon in the
C PRACSIS website .