Pedagogy in the Digital Age: A New Strand in the Pedagogy Tradition? (Due May 31, 2009)

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SAMLA Special Session Panel (November 6-8, 2009)
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Pedagogy in a digital age or digital pedagogy? The SAMLA special session on pedagogy in the digital age welcomes paper, panel, and performance proposals on topics that deal with all aspects of pedagogy in the digital age, such as the uses of the term "digital pedagogy," defining the term, if that's possible; best digital pedagogical practices in the classroom; the tools of digital pedagogy; digital pedagogy and student writing; the politics of digital pedagogy; digital pedagogy and literacy (or multi-literacies); digital pedagogy and globalization; and other relevant topics.

Submissions may engage with particular questions, such as, Is it even possible, or desirable, to narrow the definition of pedagogy and the digital to the extent that one term exemplifies a specific approach that both identifies with and excludes itself from other established pedagogical modes? Should we use digital pedagogy as an umbrella term? How does our engagement with the digital aspect of being literate in our networked, electronic society shape the way we teach writing? What are the resources available for us as teachers to use to prepare syllabi and lesson plans that integrate technology without making it the focus? What is the form of pedagogy when we teach and learn as digital citizens?

Proposals may relate to the convention theme of human rights in the humanities, but it is not required. This panel invites research and analysis from any of the humanities, social science, technical communication, or arts perspectives.

Submissions of no more than 250 words due by May 31, 2009 via e-mail to