New Journal: The Return of the Repressed - Psychoanalysis and Deconstruction Issue No 1 Fall 2009

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The Return of the Repressed

We are pleased to announce the call for papers for the first issue (Fall 2009) of the new journal: The Return of the Repressed - A Journal of the Return to Psychoanalysis and Deconstruction.

The purpose of this journal is to politically intervene in the current theoretical scene dominated by identity politics – conceived in terms of feminist theory, queer theory, postcolonial theory, disabilities studies, et al. Although much of the identity work in the last twenty years has been politically fruitful and socially engaged, it has unfortunately forgotten – or perhaps misinterpreted – or maybe repressed – the best insights of the great critical enterprises of the twentieth century: psychoanalysis (Freud and Lacan) and deconstruction (Heidegger and Derrida). Unexpectedly, the brightest sparks of psychoanalysis and deconstruction have yet to be mobilized – either in theory or in practice. The aim of this journal is to properly harness the insights of psychoanalysis and deconstruction for a reinvented social and political order. Inspired by the retrospective glance of an identity politics run amuck, this journal returns to these twin critical models in order to not only reinvent their theories but also to reorient the current theoretical malaise.

We seek manuscripts (5,000-10,000 words) from the fields of:
Comparative Literature
Film and Media Studies

Please send manuscripts as attached document (in Word) to:

We look forward to the inaugural issue!