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Quarterly Review of Film and Video
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The editors (Wheeler Winston Dixon and Gwendolyn Audrey Foster) of Quarterly Review of Film and Video seek submissions of manuscripts in film, video, and moving image studies. The journal publishes five times per year (four regular issues, and one year-end special issue), and is now seeking selected articles for publication.

QRFV is devoted to providing innovative perspectives from a broad range of methodologies, including writings on newly developing technologies, as well as essays and interviews in any area of film history, production, reception and criticism.

Our page length for articles is from 17 minimum to 35 pages maximum, including notes and/or works cited.

We are particularly interested in essays on video games and video installations, and postmodern examinations of images in popular culture and the video arts that intersect with film/video. We are especially interested in essays on women in all aspects of film, as filmmakers, producers, and actors.

We also regularly publish book reviews of 5 to 10 pages length. Query us first on a book you might be interested in reviewing. We also assign reviews.

QRFV accepts essays in MLA or Chicago format. Footnotes and/or endnotes are permitted. If using MLA format, please use parenthetical citations throughout the text, and a list of works cited at the end.

All film titles are underlined, with date of release directly following in parentheses, and name of director at first mention, as in: Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960). Use MLA Handbook, 5th Edition; or, if in Chicago format, the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition.

Please be very careful to include ALL PAGE NUMBERS on works cited. If using MLA style, articles in journals, or in anthologies, must be listed with the COMPLETE INCLUSIVE pagination of the article or essay in the Works Cited section.

Similarly, all quotes within your essay must be followed immediately by a parenthetical citation from the work in question, for example: (Heller 35).
Manuscripts are subject to a pre-screening and then a formal review process.

There is no formal deadline; manuscripts are reviewed throughout the year. Manuscripts cannot be returned to contributors.

Complete guidelines for QRFV articles and reviews may be downloaded at:

The Transfer of Copyright Agreement, which must be downloaded, signed by the author, and submitted with each article or review can be downloaded at:

Please send articles as attachments to:
and then fax the Author Warranty form to:
"Attn. Wheeler Winston Dixon" at (402) 472 9771

A complete submission thus includes:

*Text sent as an attachment
*Signed Transfer of Copyright Agreement faxed to (402) 472 9771
*Brief "about the author" bio
*Complete mail, fax, home, cell, and work phone, and e-mail addresses

Please put the text, author bio, and address information in ONE document;
do not split your submission up into separate files.

Quarterly Review of Film and Video
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