Violence & Passion in 20c Irish Literature & Film (4/15/09; MMLA 11/12-15/09)

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Gavin Keulks
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Irish Studies Panel
2009 Midwest Modern Language Association Convention
November 12-15, 2009
The St. Louis Union Station Marriott

Ireland's political history is of course tainted by violence, as are many of its greatest literary works. Other forms of violence are more domestic -- and stereotypical -— in depiction: heavy drinkers; abusive husbands/fathers/priests); gruff manual laborers; feisty women.

The lines between passion and violence are never clearly demarcated, and as Yeats depicted so famously in "Easter 1916," crossing their borders can produce surprising results, often equally disastrous and transformative.

The 2009 Irish Studies Panel at the Midwest MLA will explore this relationship between violence and passion in twentieth century Irish literature and/or film. Presentations need not be confined to one category and can freely explore any aspects of this relationship: passionate violence, violent passion(s), terrible beauties, beautiful terrors, cultural roots and results, etc.

Abstracts of 250 words due by April 15, 2009, to Gavin Keulks, Western Oregon Univ.,

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