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NVCQ Issue 11 – Creative Visions: Québec Cinema and its Auteurs

Saturday, March 28, 2009 - 6:18pm
Nouvelles "vues" sur le cinéma québécois

Nouvelles « vues » sur le cinéma québécois invites emerging and established researchers, critics, filmmakers and enlightened film enthusiasts to submit article proposals for its eleventh issue on Quebec film and its auteurs, which is scheduled to be published in the summer of 2009.

The Politics of Creativity

Saturday, March 28, 2009 - 5:38pm
Thomas Girshin / Binghamton University

There seem to be two ideas regarding what is called "creative," "expressive," or "personal" writing in composition discourses. In one view, creative writing is seen as the work of the lone genius, who creates the Literature studied by English departments. Such a view, while having fallen out of favor in composition studies, is still considered viable in creative writing departments. Furthermore, as Susan Miller argues, it continues to haunt composition in the form of the split between composition and literature departments, and student writing and "real" writing. In the other view, creative writing is deemed overly subjective, apolitical, and generally inconsequential.

CFP / Studies in Gothic Fiction

Saturday, March 28, 2009 - 12:13pm
Franz Potter / Studies in Gothic Fiction

Studies in Gothic Fiction, a new peer-reviewed, on-line journal is seeking articles and reviews for its premiere on-line issue. Studies in Gothic Fiction is devoted to covering all issues of Gothic literature and media studies. Articles should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words. Reviews should be approximately 1,000 words with full publication dates and details of the subject: novels and graphic novels, film, television, drama, video games etc. All articles should be written in endnote format, following MLA style. Submit articles for consideration as word attachments to studiesingothic@zittaw.com.
Deadline for submissions is August 30th, 2009.

CFP: [Collections] Amitav Ghosh's 'The Sea of Poppies'

Saturday, March 28, 2009 - 1:55am
Dr. Neerja Arun and Dr. Rakesh Saraswat

We in India are bringing out a series of collections of essays on representative texts of
contemporary writers. Contributions are hereby invited on Amitav Ghosh's The Sea of Poppies for incorporation in a volume to be brought out by November 2009. The title will address different issues related to theme, plot, language, anthropology, marine industry, new modes of perception and readership; theoretical foregrounding of the novel, politics of agriculture and theoretical analysis of particular texts. The essays should be within 4500- 7000 words, and engage contemporary theoretical issues.
If you wish to contribute please send the abstracts of your paper to
either of aforementioned e mail id by 15th May, 2009 as an attachment