OCHRE Journal of Women's Spirituality 08/17/09

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California Institute of Integral Studies
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Call for Submissions

OCHRE Journal of Women's Spirituality is a peer-reviewed, academic, online journal published by the Women's Spirituality program at California Institute of Integral Studies. OCHRE provides an interdisciplinary and international forum for discourse on women's spirituality among a diversity of voices.

OCHRE seeks to expand the boundaries of scholarship in academia through publication and review of material that honors multiple ways of knowing and embraces diversity in both subject matter and methodology. The Journal is dedicated to publishing engaging, quality scholarship in a multiplicity of forms: academic research, poetry, artwork, and multimedia presentation. The Journal recognizes and acknowledges all these forms as valid ways of knowing, each form having its own strengths and limitations. All published pieces undergo a rigorous review process by the Editorial Council, Student Review Board, and International Editorial Board. The International Editorial Board is composed of traditional and non-traditional scholars distinguished in their respective fields.

OCHRE strives to engage the academic and larger communities in an embodied, intellectual, and creative reflection on the spirituality of women and the sacred female. The Journal seeks to add to the rich and complex wisdom of women's spirituality by providing a necessary forum for discourse in the growing field. To ensure access by a wider range of individuals, OCHRE is published online, and all content is made available without subscription fees. Additionally, decisions are made collaboratively, supporting a cooperative way of working and interacting. It is hoped that this conversation will lead to personal and cultural transformation.

Submissions to OCHRE may address topics such as:

Interdisciplinary work with a women's spirituality emphasis.
Interpretations of spiritual and religious traditions and culture with a women's spirituality focus.
The impact of women's spirituality on one's relationship to self, body, Earth, and/or culture.
Creative expression of one's spirituality in poetry, art, photography, or other mediums.
Spiritual activism
New social science research or new perspectives on previous research.
Philosophical explorations
Book reviews of women's spirituality literature
Film reviews of women's visionary film (primarily produced, written, and/or directed by women, with a spiritual focus

Guidelines for Prospective Contributors:

25-35 pages
Margins 1" left and right, 1.25" top and bottom, footer .7 from bottom
Font: New Times Roman, 12 pt for text and 11 pt for footnote text and number
Footnotes not endnotes; Chicago Style Manual
Text double spaced.
Art work in PDF with high resolution

Submissions due August 17, 2009.

If you have questions please contact us at OCHRE@ciis.edu