The City (September 24-26 2009)

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Tiffany Eberle Kriner / Conference on Christianity and Literature

The regional meeting of the Conference on Christianity and Literature will explore a wide variety of approaches to the intersections between Christianity, literature, and the city. This three-day conference, held just west of Chicago at Wheaton College (IL) will include keynote addresses by Andrew Delbanco and Anne Winters, traditional panels, at least two undergraduate student panels with faculty moderators, poetry readings, art exhibitions, and associated excursions into Chicago. Proposals for panels, roundtables, or individual twenty-minute presentations are invited on the following or related topics:

• City/Suburb/Exurb
• The _______ City: The Classical City, The Biblical City, The Secular City, The Global City, The Apocalyptic City, The Visual City etc.
• Pilgrimage and the City
• Religion in Literature of Chicago
• The City in Christian History
• Urban Utopias/Dystopias
• Stereotypes of the City
• Urbanization and (Im)migration
• 9/11
• Pedagogy of the City and Literature

Send 250-word abstracts to Tiffany Eberle Kriner, English Department, Wheaton College, 501 College Ave., Wheaton, IL 60187 by May 30, 2009.