"Hemingway and the Futurist Origins of Modernism," panel proposal for Int'l Hemingway Society, June 25-July 3, 2010

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Bradley Bowers/Barry University
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PANEL PROPOSAL CFP for Int'l Hemingway Society Conference, June 25-July 3, 2010, in Lausanne, Switzerland: Old World Warrior in a New World Wasteland

Papers are invited on topics which relate Hemingway's fiction to the influence of the Italian Futurist movement occurring from before WWI through the period of expatriate Modernism which followed, especially how Hemingway's celebrated philosophic credo of "grace under pressure" can be seen as an expression of the Italian Futurist embrace of modernity in its most brutal and inhumane forms. Futurists in Italy celebrated war as "the world's only hygiene" and many joined the conflict as poet-warriors, invoking the Byronic model of the complete man absorbed in his culture, a man of words as well as a man of war. In Italy, Hemingway experienced the atrocities of modern combat firsthand, while at the same time seeking to live as an Old World poet-warrior despite being in a New World wasteland. Send abstracts by Aug. 15, 2009, to Bradley Bowers: bbowers@mail.barry.edu.