Re(Viewing) the Landscape of Visual Rhetoric: Topics in Visual Rhetoric; SAMLA Conf. Nov 6-8, 2009; Abstracts Due May 31, 2009

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Mary Hocks, English Dept, Georgia State University
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The SAMLA special session on visual rhetoric welcomes paper, panel, and performance proposals on topics that deal with all aspects of visual rhetoric, such as visual culture and the Web; teaching visual rhetoric in the classroom; image use in blogs; exploring identities with visual rhetoric; visual rhetoric in student writing; (re)presentations of the body; visual rhetoric in politics; visual rhetoric of physical spaces; visual rhetoric and environmental issues; and other relevant topics.

Submissions may engage with particular questions, such as how do individuals, activist groups, corporations, NGOs, and IGOs use visual rhetoric in their icons, logos, and other visuals to shape the image/identity they present in the interests of human rights? How have representations of various bodies promoted human rights? How has propaganda perpetuated stereotypes through visual representations, either recently or historically? How is the visual power of the Internet being harnessed to serve the cause of human rights? How have particular identity groups used visuals to gather power in social networking spaces or blogs?

Proposals may relate to the convention theme of human rights in the humanities, but it is not required. This panel invites research and analysis from any of the humanities, social science, technical communication, or arts perspectives. By May, 31, 2009, please email submissions of no more than 250 words to (preferred)or via post to Mary Hocks, English Department, Georgia State University, Box 3970, Atlanta, GA 30302.