CCCC Panel - Wikis and composition

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Kerry Dirk/Virginia Tech
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Wikis are becoming increasingly common as pedagogical tools in composition classrooms, as the nature of a wiki allows for easy collaboration among students and increased communication beyond the face-to-face classroom.

I'm hoping to put together a CCCC panel that questions and/or explores commonly held assumptions or beliefs about the wiki. Proposals might also explore how elements found in the traditional classroom change when moved to a wiki.

For example:

- How does the collaborative nature of a wiki change writing?

- Is the wiki truly more democratic than a face-to-face classroom?

- What is the relationship between students and teachers when using a wiki?

- How does the level of engagement change?

These are, of course, only a few examples. This panel should allow for a fairly broad discussion.

Please email me your proposal by April 25 if you are interested in joining this panel. Proposals should be no more than 250 words.