[UPDATE] 5th 'Medievalism Transformed' postgraduate conference - Keynote: Catherine Batt, University of Leeds

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Bangor University, Wales

Translating the Middle Ages.

Submission Deadline: 29 May
'Medievalism Transformed' is an interdisciplinary postgraduate conference for researchers in a variety of disciplines. The one-day event, which is supported by the Centre for Medieval Studies, will be held at Bangor University on the 20th of June. The theme for this year's conference will be Translating the Middle Ages: we will be convening to explore the practice of translating in the Middle Ages, but also to discuss the various ways in which medieval culture has been translated or adapted to the modern era. Topics within the general scope of the conference will be considered, including (but not limited to):

• The identity of the medieval translator
• Towards national languages: the cultural and political implications of translating into the vernaculars
• Translating the sacred word: finesse, controversy and restriction in the translation of religious texts
• Intra-lingual translation: considerations of region and dialect
• Beyond Borders: Medieval translations of the classics and Non-European texts
• Translation as reworking: when does the medieval translator become author?
• Technical translation in the Middle Ages: accessing historical, legal, scientific and domestic foreign texts
• The modern translation of medieval texts: rendering 'word for word' or 'sense for sense'?
• Old matter, new medium: the translation/adaptation of medieval motifs in film, theatre, music and fine arts.

Please send your proposal (no longer than 300 words) for a 20-minute paper either electronically to the organizers at medievalismtransformed@bangor.ac.uk or by post to:

Medievalism Transformed
School of English, BangorUniversity,
Main Arts Building, College Road,
LL57 2DG
United Kingdom

Further details: www.bangor.ac.uk/medievalismtransformed