Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Summer 2009 Issue: "Experiments" – Deadline – July 6, 2009

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Pennsylvania Literary Journal – English Literature Department, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

This is a critical and creative new journal. It is created to find, edit and publish superior works of fiction, non-fiction, art, multi-media and the like. It will be primarily an online journal. Until an independent website is developed the journal will be housed at

The Pennsylvania Literary Journal is unique because it is an on-line publication. Some university presses are closing because many scholars choose to publish and buy hypertexts on-line. The Indiana University of Pennsylvania currently has a number of faculty and student-run publications, but does not have a university press. This journal can grow into a larger on-line publishing venture that can allow the Indiana University of Pennsylvania to develop a competitive on-line publishing university press, without the costs associated with paper-production. This is also a venue for the developed and sharing of superior scholarship and creative activity. Creative projects will add an exciting dimension to the project, and will add viewers to the site. But, this is primarily a scholarly journal, and 15 - 20 page articles on Shakespeare, Abolitionists, Mexican-American migration and in other fields would be even more helpful for the Journals succesful take-off.

The Pennsylvania Literary Journal is created to make a positive contribution to literary criticism and to the arts around the world, and, more narrowly, in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Submissions are welcomed in all genres that can be posted into a Myspace website, and later into an independent website. Some ideas for possible acceptable materials are works of fiction, non-fiction, all types of artwork, multi-media projects, videos, sound-recordings and other unusual and classic submissions that would interest readers. No word-limits will be set at this time. The limits of the project will be set as the submissions begin to arrive. For now – it's a very open call. If you have an idea, you are welcome to send it in and see what happens. It is possible that you might be asked to cut a work down, if only a portion of it is of greater value. Since, this is a not-for-profit project, and neither the Editor, nor those who are published should expect payment, please look at this Journal as a place to share your work, and submit what you would want others to see on the web.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Editor, Anna Faktorovich, a Graduate Assistant in the English Literature PhD program, at, if you have any comments, questions, concerns, submissions, or if you are interested in helping with this project. All submissions should be in by July 6, 2009. Further information about the Journal can be found at,