CFP: Actants / Residue (GEMCS 2009, 10/22-25, Dallas); deadline May 13, 2009

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Lizz Angello / University of South Florida
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Self-described "student of science" Bruno Latour defines an actor as "any thing that leaves a trace." In keeping with this year's theme of footprints, this panel welcomes papers that consider the traces left by any thing on the world (whether of humans or non-humans). What buried narratives might we excavate by reading residue? What stories are told by echoes? All approaches are welcome, though eco-critical and material readings may be particularly appropriate. Relevant topics might include:

• the intrusion of animate or inanimate things into a human narrative

• the intrusion of a human into a non-human narrative

• the traces or fragments left behind by things otherwise not present in a narrative (i.e., the bear that chases Autolycus off stage)

• the traces or fragments left onstage by actors no longer present (i.e., Desdemona's handkerchief)

250-word abstracts due by May 13, 2009. Send via e-mail to Lizz Angello (