'Reinventing the Renaissance Occult' 14.11.09 Deadline for proposal 31.5.09

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Professor Sarah Annes Brown, Anglia Ruskin University
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'Reinventing the Renaissance Occult in Modern and Post-modern Culture'

Over the last hundred years many creative writers, critics, thinkers and artists – for example Peter Ackroyd, Derek Jarman, Carl Jung and Marina Warner – have turned to the magicians and alchemists of the Renaissance period for inspiration. Some have been drawn to the intriguing remoteness of such figures from our own more scientific and sceptical age. Others, by contrast, have sought to discover unexpected points of contact between the mysteries of the occult and more modern mysteries, such as quantum science. The lure of the occult today may partly be explained by a growing dissatisfaction with Enlightenment rationalism and its perceived failure to address fundamental human concerns.

This conference, which will take place on Saturday 14 November 2009 at Anglia Ruskin University, will explore these more recent aspects of the afterlife of the Renaissance Occult. We welcome brief proposals for 30 minute papers from creative writers and scholars in any relevant field. Keynote speakers will include Professor Gyorgy Szonyi, a Leverhulme Visiting Professor from the University of Szeged, Dr Ewan Fernie (Royal Holloway) and Professor Marina Warner (Essex). Please send your abstract to sarah.brown@anglia.ac.uk by 31.5.09.