[UPDATE] Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Summer 2009 Issue: "Experiments" – Deadline – July 6, 2009

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Pennsylvania Literary Journal – Indiana University of Pennsylvania

This is a critical and creative new online journal. It is created to find, edit and publish superior works of fiction, non-fiction, art, multi-media and the like. The Pennsylvania Literary Journal is created to make a positive contribution to literary criticism and to the arts around the world. There are no geographic boundaries or genre boundaries in the first, summer issue – only the restraints of a website template.

Some ideas for possible acceptable materials are works of fiction (poetry, plays, novels, novellas, children's stories, postmodern and absurd works), non-fiction (criticism, book reviews, interviews, credo, etc.), all types of artwork, multi-media projects, videos, sound-recordings and other submissions, ranging from the absurd to the classic, which might interest intellectual readers. Please keep in mind the limits of Google Page Creator: Word documents, Acrobat reader and other scans, Photoshop and other photographs, and various other files can easily be added to the site as attachments. Word documents, without enclosed pictures, take up the least space, so this is the preferred submission type. It is also easy to create links to Youtube videos through the site. There will be a page that will give summaries and links to interesting, experimental or exceptional videos. If you have a great Myspace page with exceptional music posted there, a link can also be connected to it. Adding films or sounds to the site will take a lot of the limited space. No word-limits will be set at this time. If you don't have a finished work, you are welcome to send a query with an idea, and you will be advised on the feasibility of the project. If you submit a work that's too long, you might be asked to cut it down. Most will receiving editing advice after their work is accepted for publication. If you are not interested in editorial assistance, this might not be the right project for you. Since, this is a not-for-profit project, and neither the Editor, nor those who are published should expect payment, please look at this Journal as a place to share your work, and submit what you would want others to see on the web.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Editor, Anna Faktorovich, a Graduate Assistant in the English Literature and Criticism PhD program of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, at pennsylvaniajournal@gmail.com, if you have any comments, questions, concerns, submissions, or if you are interested in helping with this project. All submissions should be in by July 6, 2009. But, please submit early, as there might be a "Preview" version that will come out in the middle of the summer, before the final "Summer Issue" that will be posted in August. Further information about the Editor can be found at, http://sites.google.com/site/annafaktorovich. The Editor's credo on "Hypertext" and online publishing is attached to the Journal's website, http://sites.google.com/site/pennsylvaniajournal. Please read this essay if you are uncertain about publishing your work for free on the web. It will give you some interesting information about online texts.

The copyrights for the work published in this online Journal remain with the original authors. The Editor does not retain any rights to the work and in no way objects to the same work being published elsewhere. You should check with paying publishers to make sure that such "re-printing" does not violate their copyright laws. Please do not send material that you did not author, plagiarized, or other inappropriate content.