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Marlisa Santos / South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA)
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This session at November's SAMLA conference ( explores how human rights issues—most commonly human rights violations—have been depicted on film, and the effect that such depictions have on various human rights causes. Though much documentary work has been done in this area, this session focuses instead on fictionalized representations of human rights issues on film. What role does historical accuracy play in the representation of human rights events and causes? How are human rights issues arising in the U.S. treated differently on film than human rights issues arising in other parts of the world? Do fictionalized representations of human rights problems aid public awareness of these problems or reduce their significance? Papers dealing with films about genocide (Holocaust, Rwanda, etc.), dictatorships, civil rights, torture, among others, are welcomed. By June 25, 2009, please send abstracts to Marlisa Santos, Nova Southeastern University, at