"CULTURE AND CRISIS" A call for Papers for a Special Issue of CULTURAL LOGIC

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Joseph G. Ramsey, Ph.D. co-editor CULTURAL LOGIC
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"Culture and Crisis"
A Call for Papers for
A Special Issue of CULTURAL LOGIC

Edited by Joseph G. Ramsey, appearing Winter 2009/2010

Talk of crisis is everywhere. Financial. Environmental. Geopolitical. Cultural. A Crisis of Crises...

This special issue of Cultural Logic seeks to address, through critical and concrete analyses, a set of pressing general questions: How are the present crises—and the talk of crisis—that surround us best understood and engaged? How can, and how should, those who are committed to social emancipation approach this historic moment of crisis? How are people throughout the world in fact responding to these crises right now? And what can be learned from them? How so have activists, organizers, and cultural workers, past and present, interpreted and responded to such moments of crisis? And what can these previous interventions teach us—positively and negatively? What are the dangers and the opportunities for intervention—cultural, ideological, and political—that characterize the present moment of crisis, and popular responses to it?

We seek:

*Reflections on (any) impending "crisis"
*Analyses of cultural or political responses to the present crises
*Re-examinations of prior moments of crisis, such as the 1930s, or 1960s
*Re-evaluations of Marxist theory or practice, in light of current crises
*Reports from the field, such as higher education or other workplaces
*Reviews of recent scholarly or political work on crisis, or responses to it.

**The deadline for (200-300 word) proposals is August 1*** Papers to be due by Oct. 1**

Please contact Cultural Logic co-editor and special issue editor Joseph G. Ramsey at jgramsey@gmail.com with questions, comments, or suggestions.

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