[UPDATE] CFP: Keeping The Faith: Successful Strategies to Help Underrepresented Faculty Achieve Tenure and Promotion

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Dwayne Mack, Ph.D.
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As many of us who are members of academia know, the road to tenure and promotion is one that can be fraught with roadblocks, pitfalls and other often unexpected challenges. This is particularly true in the case of faculty of color, women, Gay and Lesbian and other underrepresented faculty.

The editors of the collection of essays tentatively titled Keeping The
Faith: Successful Strategies to Help Underrepresented Faculty Achieve
Tenure and Promotion, invite faculty members from the aforementioned
groups to submit abstracts related to their experiences in earning
tenure/and or promotion to associate of full professor. While stories of
challenges and barriers are welcome, this is primarily an anthology for
educators to share lessons and resources, rather than simply outline
grievances with the tenure or promotion process.

Contributors are urged to write about the lessons and suggestions for
concrete successful strategies. This edited volume will give scholars
who have been through this process the opportunity to reflect and share
strategies for earning tenure and promotion at colleges and universities
with others in the academy desirous of outside mentoring. Contributors
are asked to share their personal experiences in achieving tenure or
promotion in the academy as well as to provide brief, yet specific
examples from their research and teaching portfolios.

Essays should address the following topics: effective teaching and
publication strategies, managing service and teaching expectations,
developing meaningful collegial relationships with junior and senior
faculty, navigating the murky political waters at small, medium and/or
large institutions, quantitative data such as charts and statistical
data from comments related to your teaching, research and service from
students, faculty, department chairs, senior level administrative
officials, outside reviewers and alumni.

Each co-editor for this project, Dr. Dwayne Mack, Dr. Stephanie Evans
and Dr. Elwood Watson have experienced the tenure and promotion process.
We feel that this forthcoming collection will provide a valuable service
as well as inspire tenure track and associate level faculty to overcome
anxiety in dealing with the tenure and promotion process.

Please send an abstract - no more than two pages by May 31st
Dwayne Mack, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History and Carter G. Woodson Chair of African
American History
Berea College
Department of History
CPO 2027
Berea, Kentucky 40404
Email: dwayne_mack@berea.edu