Journal Issue on the Postcolonial Cultures and Socieities of Australia and New Zealand (30 Sep. 2009)

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Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies

The peer-reviewed quarterly Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies will be published online from Wright State University's Lake Campus and will be published in limited print runs from the United States. The journal's editorial board is being finalized but already includes academics from a truly international range of colleges and universities.

The journal will include articles of 4,000 to 7,000 words on all aspects of postcolonial cultures and societies, including the diasporic communities of Europe and North America. We invite submissions from a broad range of disciplines, including but not limited to business, communication, comparative studies, economics, education, fine arts, geography, history, language studies, literature, political science, regional studies, sociology, and rural and urban studies. Each issue of the journal will also include a section devoted to creative writing—fiction, poetry, drama, and creative nonfiction. There are no restrictions on style or subject, except that the author should be a native of a postcolonial region or a member of a diasporic community or the subject should be related directly to the journal's focus. We also invite photos and artwork, which should be submitted initially as low-resolution bitmaps.

Manuscript submissions should be made in Microsoft Word and sent to the editor O. P. Dwivedi at or Inquiries are welcomed and should be addressed to the editor.

The first issue will be devoted, however, to postcolonial topics and issues related to the cultures and societies of Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, a section of the issue will be devoted to the literary works produced in the two nations since World War II. Articles, and creative work, for this issue should be submitted by September 30th 2009, to the Guest Editor, Joel Gwynne, at or, by post, to Joel Gwynne, English Language and Literature Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, 1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616. Inquiries on this first issue are welcomed and should be addressed to Dr. Gwynne.

Lastly, reviews of books, journals, audio-visual materials, and web sites related postcolonial studies are invited for inclusion in the database, Writing beyond the Margins, which will be maintained as a complement to the Journal of Postcolonial Culture and Societies at Wright State University's Lake Campus. The reviews can range from 500 to 3,000 words and should be informative and evaluative, without being dismissive: that is, the reviewer should find some value in the work being reviewed, and we would prefer that the reviews be illuminating and thought-provoking, without being polarizing. The database's co-editors are Martin Kich and O. P. Dwivedi. Reviews can be sent to, and materials for review can be sent to Martin Kich, English Department, Wright State University Lake Campus 7600 Lake Campus Drive, Celina, OH 45822.