Call for Articles (Vol. 40, October 2009): Closing the Gap and Rectification

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National Central University Journal of Humanities
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The nature of scholarship implies process rather than closure. The October special issue on "Closing the Gap and Rectification" aims exactly to highlight the necessity both of preceding achievement as a basis for later development and addition and the inevitability of revision and rectification of foregoing mistakes and dated arguments. Only by means of closing the gap and revising, can a next generation of new ideas announce themselves. The effort at closing the gap or rectification is less an attempt at finding faults with views of early scholars or an impassioned attack or even antics aimed at courting attention. It should be looked upon as scholarly work done in the spirit of dedication and reflection so that we will be able to unearth, complete or correct so that the same spirit and result can be passed on and be expanded upon.

We consider attempts at unearthing unknown or obscure facets of the classics, the philological or archaeological sifting of existing literature, the re-reading of established works and the re-alignment and responding to intellectual debates and topics, the tracing of linguistic and cultural origins, and exploration of all artworks, as part and parcel of the importance of the topic of the forthcoming issue. Therefore, we welcome contributions which examine time-honored scholarship on all facets of the humanities from a fresh and well-thought-out perspective.

In July of 2009, National Central University Journal of Humanities celebrates its second year after the first major revamping. Since July of 2007, eight issues have come out and the importance of re-examining and a new outlook fits all the more the concerns of the coming issue.

Please send submissions by post or email to, no later than July 1, 2009. For more details, please visit our website at: