Neo-Victorian Studies

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Neo-Victorian Studies e-journal, published by Swansea University, Wales, UK

Neo-Victorian Studies (, an inter-disciplinary, fully peer-reviewed e-journal, invites scholarly and/or creative submissions on any topic related to the re-visioning of the nineteenth century from twentieth/twenty-first century critical perspectives. The journal aims to explore continuities and ruptures between the Victorian and later (post)modern periods, and analyse the nineteenth century's cultural legacies and reverberations – aesthetic and ideological, material and residual/spectral – within literature, the arts and humanities, and present-day political, legal, and medical discourse. Contributions on the period's afterlife in non-British contexts, e.g. Asian, African, Australian, North and South American frameworks, are equally welcome.

The editors especially invite comparative studies of North American and British aesthetic/ethical approaches to the period, e.g. work contrasting neo-slave narratives or narratives of Native American traumas with those of colonial suffering. We also welcome explorations of the cultural background to the twentieth-century rise of historical fiction specifically dedicated to the nineteenth century on both sides of the Atlantic, particularly where these attempt to complicate the post-Victorian to neo-Victorian transition in one or more national literatures. Submissions probing the connections and synergies between post-colonial and neo-Victorian theory and practice are likewise of special interest.

Other possible topics include: theorising the neo-Victorian novel; the heritage industry; biographical fiction; adaptations of nineteenth-century classics and/or lesser known works; sexual politics; 'queering' recovered histories; re-conceptualising families and childhood; and problematic legacies of environmental impact.

Neo-Victorian Studies accepts submissions throughout the year. The deadline for submissions for the next general issue, to be published spring 2010, is October 15, 2009. Please consult the journal website for submission guidelines. Please address direct enquiries and/or electronic submissions to the General Editor at