FINAL CFP: time.transcendence.performance - Oct 1-3, 2009 - Deadline June 19

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ECPS, Monash University


International Conference
The School of English, Communications and Performance Studies, Monash University, Caulfield Campus, Dancehouse, Forum Theatre, ACMI, RMIT Design Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia.
1-3 October 2009
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DEADLINE: Friday 19 June, 2009
Call for Papers, Presentations and Performances
The number of motion in respect of before and after? Irrecuperable diachrony of pure passingness? Reversible? Relative? Real? Living present? Original transcendence? Structure of consciousness? The various Western philosophical traditions have, since their inception, continuously attempted to grapple with the question of time, but still, the problems remain unsolved, the paradoxes tangled, the contradictions unsettled.
Performers and artists understand time as an essential dimension of their media. Many contemporary artists foreground the temporal as a theme in their practice and making. Movements, rhythms, bodies, sounds, objects, experiences, memories, dreams, imaginings and dwellings are recorded, performed and activated in their duration, moment, event and passing.

time transcendence performance brings together the expertise and experiences of scholars and artists in a format that permits the thinking and doing of time with an aim towards mutual elucidation. Drawing together papers, panels, diverse performance practices, exhibitions, installations, screenings and workshops, this transdisciplinary conference and inter-media event initiates a global discussion, investigation and critique of temporality in its performative, phenomenological and transcendental dimensions. The tangible consequences of this cross-fertilisation offers promise for researchers, scholars and artists alike.
To begin this gathering and discussion, this conference invites presenters across discourses, disciplines and media, questioning and emphasising the taken for granted yet complex and mysterious phenomenon of time.

Second Life Component
ttp is staging conference activities: papers, presentations and performances, in Second Life as an integral component of the conference.
Second Life is rapidly expanding as a platform and medium to share and develop scholarship and performance, particularly within the tertiary/ university sector. Several universities across the globe, including Monash, have campuses in Second Life, running classes or components of classes, and holding seminar presentations and conferences "in-world".
Thousands of people are subscribed to the SLED Listserv (Second Life Educators) and hold annual conferences around the theme of Second Life as a place to conduct and share research.
Recently, the first Virtual Graduate, Julie Shannan of the Texas State Technical College, who did her whole university program in Second Life, was awarded her degree.
Second Life also hosts a vibrant and active community of artists, musicians and performers, exhibiting and performing in theatres, galleries, concert halls and museums online. Many first world artists are exploring the possibilities and pushing the boundaries of time, space, place and embodiment through the medium of Second Life.
ttp aims to bring together these communities in Second Life to initiate cross-disciplinary discourse and involvement between scholars and artists, creating a platform for debate, exchange, and mutual inspiration.
Papers, performances, presentations and other events occurring in Second Life, between First and Second Life, and about Second Life, pertaining to temporal and transformative potentials and eventualities of the medium are invited.
Computer terminals at conference venues will give the opportunity for Second Life novices and interested spectators to observe and participate in the online proceedings.
The performance artist Stelarc will also be performing on Second Life.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers include:
Professor Alphonso Lingis (Emeritus, Penn State University, US)
Professor Anthony J Steinbock (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, US)
Professor Brian Massumi (Université de Montreal, Canada)
Assistant Professor Lanei Rodemeyer (Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, US)
Associate Professor Ian Maxwell (The University of Sydney, Australia)
Professor Andrew Benjamin (Monash University, Australia)
Dr Erin Manning (Research Chair, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)
Confirmed Artists to date:
Professor Stelarc (Performance Artist; Brunel University West London, UK)
Sue Healey (Choreographer, Sydney)
Monica Tichachek (Artist, Byron Bay)
Peter Fraser (Performer, Melbourne)
Martin Del Amo (Dancer, Sydney)
Please see website:
for updated list of Speakers and Guest Artists and program of events.
Draft Program of Events
1-2 October – Key Note Speakers (4), papers, panels, presentations, ongoing screenings, exhibition at Caulfield Campus, Monash University
1-2 October – Workshops, practice-based research at Dancehouse, Carlton
3 October – Key Note Speakers (3), showings and performances
Evening 1 October – Messianic Dinner Installation (outside); screenings
Evening 2 October - Guided temporal walk through City; screenings
Evening 3 October – Plenary; Closing Reception
Bohemian Ball - live music and performances, City location
Proposals are invited in, but not limited to, the following categories:
1. Paper Presentation (20 mins)

2. Panel Presentation (1 Hour)

3. Discussion Group (I Hour max)

4. Workshop for conference participants

5. Second Life performances and presentations

Proposals are invited on - not limited to - the following suggested areas from any discipline. Papers, presentations, performances will be considered on any related theme.
temporalities of performance • the temporalization of time • time-based performance • time as performance • performing the past • presenting, awaiting, remembering • memory • body as a site for/of transcendence • the performance of the everyday • time as transcendence • performative transcendences • the infinite • the problem of immediacy • being in the moment • audience temporalities • diachrony • digital time • time and realism • flow • rhythm • time and movement • change • kinaesthetic temporality • death and finitude • time and place • revelation, creation and redemption • the transcendental ground of time • the actual and the possible • messianic time • kairos and chronos • the fullness of time • the right time • ripeness • the now • being here • passing • birth, growth, senescence, decay • present and presencing • duration • the present expanse • endurance • time and violence • in god's time • time and technology • mediated time • lost time • boredom • durational performance • ectstasis • irreal time • world time •••••••••••••

Submission Guidelines for Papers and Presentation Proposals
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A reply of receipt will be made within two days of submission. Please re-send if you fail to receive one
Please email abstracts and proposals as an attachment. Save document in either PDF format; or as Word 97-2007 Document (.doc). Submissions not adhering to the guideline specifications will not be considered.
• Paper abstracts and presentation proposals 300 words
• Panels, discussion groups and workshop proposals 500 words
• Make clear your name, contact details, affiliation and title of your paper, presentation, performance, or artwork at the top of the page.
• All academic abstracts and proposals are subject to peer review by a selection committee..
Notification of acceptance will be made by email.
• We are also offering peer review for full papers (complying with the DIISR guidelines for E1 conference publications).
please note: peer review for your full paper is optional.
Please see 'Timeline of events' for relevant deadlines.
If you are interested in submitting a paper for full peer review, please note this in the email when you submit your abstract, and an email with guidelines will be sent to you.
• A refereed collection of selected work from the conference will subsequently be published, and an ongoing journal/forum for continuing the investigation established.
Timeline of events
(Please check website:
regularly for changes and updates)
• Friday 24 April 2009 – Open for Registration
• Friday 19 June 2009 – Deadline for all submissions
• Friday 3 July 2009 – Notification of Acceptance for all submissions
• Tuesday 17 July 2009 – Deadline for early bird Registration
• Friday 14 August 2009 – Full Paper Submission (if required)
• Friday 28 August 2009 – Full paper deadline for Conference proceedings on-line publication
• 1, 2, 3 October 2009 - Conference at Caulfield Campus, Monash University and Dancehouse, Carlton
For any enquiries regarding your submission or information about the conference, email:

ttp Convenors:
Jodie McNeilly The University of Sydney /Macquarie University
Dr Stuart Grant Monash University
Caroline Vains Monash University/RMIT

ttp Conference Committee:
Jeff Stewart The University of Sydney
Julia Holden Monash University
Karen Wilbraham Monash University
Joanne Witheridge Monash University
Maeva Veerapen Monash University - Second Life

ttp is a joint venture between:
ECPS – The School of English Communications and Performance Studies, Monash University
The Social Aesthetics Research Unit
The Centre for Performance Research
ACMI (The Australian Centre for the Moving Image)
Design Research Institute, RMIT
The Bohemian Ball