Mapping the Moral Domain in Alice McDermott's Novels (NeMLA April 7 - 11, 2010; due 9/30/09)

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Gail Shanley Corso/Northeast Modern Language Association, 41st Annual Conference, Montreal
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In Alice McDermott's novels, often teenage girls show disenchantment with their mothers' values and beliefs, and society in general. Carol Gilligan et al. in MAPPING THE MORAL DOMAIN explains that young girls "may see from different angles" as they develop into adolescence. McDermott portrays female characters in conflict over moral choices-- a morality of justice or a morality of caring. Gilligan claims in her analysis of the moral domain for girls, greater questions and concerns might emerge "about the society and culture in which [adolescents] are coming of age" (xxxv). Send 300 - 500 word abstract to Gail Shanley Corso at by 9/30/09.