Public Spaces and Art (Collection of Essays; Deadline: 9/21/2009)

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College English Association - Caribbean Chapter

Public Spaces and Art

The Caribbean Chapter of the College English Association (CEA-CC) is preparing a collection of critical essays to be published on the topic of the 2009 Annual Conference, Art and the Artist in Society.

The 2009 Conference of the CEA-CC was a multidisciplinary conference that featured presentation on literature, fine arts, and even the performing arts. We are looking for essays to supplement the works presented in the conference on the specific topic of Public Spaces and Art. We are interested in papers that explore and/or discuss the artist relation to the community where he/she might perform or complete his work and the effects of his actions. More specifically, the papers can deal with the following subtopics, but are not limited to them:

*Art in the Private and Public Sphere*
*The Relation between the Spoken Word Artist and His/Her Audience*
*Ritual Art or Re-enactment of Culture as Artistic Performance in Public Spaces*
*Public Art as a Means of Education*
*Acceptance or Rejection of Graffiti as a Form of Art*
*Emergence of Graffiti Art and Its Relation to Different Groups*
*Censorship and the (il)Legality of the Artist Work*
*Public Art as Subversive and the Diffusing of Its 'Subversive' Nature*

Papers should be 10-15 pages, double spaced, in Times New Roman letter font, size twelve, and they should include a complete bibliography of the works used. If you are interested, you can submit your paper via e-mail to José Jiménez-Justiniano at by September 21, 2009. The papers should be submitted as an attachment in MS Word document. For more information you can visit our website at and or write to us at the e-mail provided above.