Post/Imperial Encounters between Spain and Portugal and East Asia (NeMLA April 7-11, 2010; due 9/30/09)

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Northeast Modern Language Association, 41st Annual Conference, Montreal

Seminar style session that explores Spain and Portugal's colonial and post/imperial encounters with East Asia as registered in writings in Spanish and Portuguese by peninsular and post/colonial authors from the 19th to the 21st centuries. Papers might focus on, but are not limited to, an analysis of fiction and non-fiction narratives of colonial adventures and political resistance, missionary travails, and travel through Japan, China, Korea, Philippines, to mention just a few examples.

Please note that the session is in "seminar" format which means that the 5-10 participants will complete and circulate their papers of no more than 20 pages in length prior to the convention. Instead of reading papers, participants give a brief presentation of 5-10 minutes of their work, with the session focused on structured exchange between the participants. Respondents may be invited by the chair.

Send 250 word abstracts in Spanish, Portuguese or English to David George at and Timothy Gaster at