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Hamid Farahmandian
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Literature in the Slope of Fall

All the recent literary activities in the realm of both prose and poetry demonstrate a gigantic quantitative and qualitative dissimilarity between 21st and ante-21st centuries. The question is this why shouldn't be people like Shakespeare, Sidney, Austen, Coleridge, etc. in our era? I think it will make sense in order to unearth responses of this question and discuss about it, of course, if we believe that literature means life, means future and past. Delicacy of past is being replaced with the harshness of present time which can be a big disaster, since belles-letters has the first one and is adversary with the second one. Mainly in this age we are looking for theories about works written in the past, so we can utter obviously that theorization is heavier than creation of valuable works. Thanks to this matter, we are incapable to compete with the earlier period literature.
War and lack of peace in the globe are the elements which eradicate the sense of necessity to belles-letters and try to occupy most of their minds. With a shortage in producing fresh literary works, the ecstasy of the planet is wiping out even though criticism and theorization are good, they can't be everything and enough, therefore, lead the humanity to tedious life. Literature is the salvation for men thus we should be so accurate and truthful in addition to innovation about this issue, moreover, the only approach to obtain this salvation is altering our attitudes and empowering the self confidence. We are capable of versifying poems like Beowulf, Canterbury tales, etc. or we are talented enough to write plays similar to Hamlet or Macbeth, just the aim should be established.