2) PROPOSAL TITLE Methodological Challenges of Medieval Literatures in Contemporary Literary History. Korea August 15-21 2010

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Cesar Dominguez / University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
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"Methodological Challenges of Medieval Literatures in Contemporary Literary History".

This is a workshop for the XIXth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association (August 15-21, 2010. Seoul, Korea).

The aim of the workshop is to reflect on the methodological challenges medieval literatures pose to comparative literary history. As non-national cultural formations, medieval literatures ask specific questions about the historiographical activity that, however, have been either overlooked or dealt with according to the national paradigm.

Due to the methodological focus of the workshop, the emphasis should be placed on case-studies that highlight the medieval challenges and how they may be addressed in a world context.

Some topics (but not exclusively) that may be discussed are:

* The idea of "Middle Ages" and "medieval literature" in a world context
* New Philology, New Medievalism: contributions for a comparative reflection?
* World-Systems Theory and Middle Ages
* Medieval Europe as geoculture
* The Middle Ages in histories of world literature
* Postcolonial Middle Ages
* Middle Ages and cultural memory
* Medieval narrations of intercultural contacts
* Other "Middle Ages"

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please contact me at cesar.dominguez@usc.es at your earliest convenience. The deadline to send the workshop proposal to the Congress organizers is June 30, 2009.