[UPDATE]The Beautiful and the Good: Exploring the Beauty Controversy in Contemporary Fiction DEADLINE EXTENDED

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Margaret E. Mitchell/ SAMLA (Atlanta, GA, November 6-8 2009)
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Writers, philosophers and artists have long pondered the relationship between the beautiful and the good. Elaine Scarry's seductive _On Beauty and Being Just_ leaps calmly into the fray, arguing that beauty "actually assists us in the work of addressing justice," thereby establishing a tenuous relationship between beauty and human rights. But the opposing argument--that beauty essentially derails justice, either by distracting or lulling the senses or, more insidiously, by aestheticizing what is dangerous and unjust—-still thrives. This panel welcomes proposals for twenty minute papers on contemporary fictional explorations (whether overt, as in Zadie Smith's _On Beauty_, or implicit; of this controversy. (Papers on film or other non-literary fictional forms are also welcome.) DEADLINE EXTENDED: By JUNE 25, 2009, please submit 250-word proposals to Margaret E. Mitchell, University of West Georgia, at mmitchel@westga.edu.