Ireland and Wales: Correspondences

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Laura Wainwright Cardiff University

Ireland and Wales: Correspondences
Call for Papers
A one-day interdisciplinary postgraduate symposium to be held at Cardiff University on Thursday 17 September 2009 and hosted by the Wales-Ireland Research Network
Keynote speaker: Professor Luke Gibbons

In Corresponding Cultures: The Two Literatures of Wales (1999), M. Wynn Thomas suggests that we might understand and conceptualise the relationships between the Welsh-language and English-language cultures of Wales as 'correspondences' – an idea which is amenable to a number of different interpretations and which supports a wide range of scholarly approaches. This one-day interdisciplinary postgraduate symposium aims to extend this idea of 'correspondence' to the burgeoning field of Welsh and Irish comparative studies. In keeping with the aims and objectives of the AHRC-supported Wales-Ireland Research Network, this event seeks to bring Welsh and Irish studies into dialogue with each other. To what extent, and in what ways, do the cultures and societies of Wales and Ireland 'speak' to each other? How might comparative approaches towards Wales and Ireland illuminate our understanding of these two nations? How are these correspondences figured in the imagining of Welsh and Irish national consciousness?

We welcome 200- to 300-word abstracts for twenty-minute papers focusing on any aspect of Welsh or Irish studies from the early modern to the contemporary periods. Papers which place the cultures and societies of Wales and Ireland within a comparative context are particularly encouraged.

Accommodation and travel bursaries will be available to all speakers.
The deadline for abstracts is 31 July 2009.
'Ireland and Wales: Correspondences' forms part of the Ireland-Wales Network's 'Nations and Knowledges' symposium to be held on 18-19 September 2009.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
·Wales, Ireland and the world: international contexts
·Celticism, Pan-Celticism, mythology
·Medievalism, Romanticism, Modernism, Postmodernism
·Nationalism, transnationalism, postnationalism, postcolonialism
·Nation and religion
·Feminist and gender approaches
·The languages and literatures of Wales and Ireland
·Correspondences across disciplines and genres: literature; history; visual art; journalism and media; cultural studies; architecture

Conference Organisers: Tomos Owen, Laura Wainwright, Lowri Rees, Rhodri Glyn.