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MP: an Online Feminist Journal
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MP Journal, an online international feminist journal ( is currently seeking book reviews for future issues. We welcome reviews of books that are relevant to feminist or womanist issues from a variety of disciplines. Reviews must be academic in nature and provide an examination of the books' strengths and weaknesses, raising important and relevant questions about the subject under discussion. While no author likes to be overly criticized, reviewers should offer an honest appraisal of the books' argument, readability, research, and overall approach using professional language that is rich and robust without an overabundance of jargon.

Length of Reviews:

Reviews should be between 800 and 1500 words. No outside sources should be quoted within the review. Quotes from the text under review should be minimal and in MLA format (author last name, page number).

Format for reviews
All reviews must follow the format below:


Title of Book in Italics and Bold. By Author's first and last name. Publisher city: Publisher name, Month, Year. ISBN 123-4-56-789123-4, $Price in dollars. Number of pages. Notes. Bibliography.

Reviewed by Your Name Here, Your Company/ University Affiliation.

Title: Subtitle (bold and in caps before the colon, lower case bold after the colon),
By Author's Name (in italics). Place of Publication: Publishing Company, YEAR. Followed by ISBN, Price (hardcover or softcover), Pages, Then list books' features such as tables, maps, illustrations (indicate whether black/white, color, or both) notes, bibliography, and index.

Space down one, then the reviewer's name, title, and institutional affiliation.

Authors may refer to the web site for further information:

Submission format

Please submit electronically, as Word attachments, the review, a 50 word bio, and a current CV to