Challenging the Virtual: Women's Cultural Experiences in Second Life (30 Sept 20090

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Zoe McMillan
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Challenging the Virtual: Women's Cultural Experiences in Second Life

We seek proposal submissions of 250-500 words for a collected edition of essays on women's cultural experiences in the virtual world of Second Life (SL). While we do not wish to disenfranchise anyone, we do ask that you be a biological woman actively participating in SL. Submissions preferred via avatar name and using an avie email address in keeping with the spirit of SL; however, submissions under real world names and emails are accepted. Proposals may be theory based or narratives. If theory based, proposals should indicate the theoretical framework you are using and mention at least one theorist. Please do not feel limited to an academic styled proposal. We value the experiences that every woman has in SL and welcome all anecdotal/narrative styled proposals as well.

We do NOT want to limit the ideas that many of you may generate, but to get an idea of what we are thinking, the following is a list of categories and topics that one might consider.

• Creation/Expression
Poetry Readings
Spoken Word Events
Dancing/Particle Performance
• Avatar as Self
Alter-Ego Creation/Choices
Subculture Identities
Exploring Identity
• Socializing/Entertainment
SL Live Music
• Relationships
Defining Personal Boundaries
Levels/Stages of Transparency/Intimacy
Sexuality (including gender bending, etc)
Voice Use in SL
Sexual Harassment
• Making Money in SL
Sex as Money
• Education
Classroom Dynamics
Classroom Issues/Concerns
Classroom Virtual Culture

Deadline for proposal submissions: 30 September 2009
Length: 250-500 words
Please send proposals to &