[UPDATE] Literature and Film: 2nd International Graduate Conference (November 2009)

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Ozden Sozalan/Istanbul University
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"LITERATURE AND FILM" 2nd International Graduate Conference (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey, November 2009)

"Literature and Film" is the second of a series of graduate conferences, organized annually by the Department of American Culture and Literature at Istanbul University. It is part of the "Literature and ..." conferences, the aim of which is to establish an intellectual platform for the discussion of literature in relation to other systems of signification and representation including the cultural, social, political, historical and so on.
"Literature and Film," the second in the series, aims to explore the ways in which the two arts interact and influence each other. Topics may include, but are not limited to;
• The aesthetics, politics and poetics of adaptation
• Adaptation as rewriting, adaptation as parody, adaptation as critique.
• Adaptations of literary genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, detective fiction, drama, bestsellers, children's literature, gothic fiction, historical novel, etc.
• Narration in film and literature: narrative techniques, narrative transformations.
• Writing for the screen: from the "I" of the narrator to the "eye" of the camera.
• Films on writing, authors, literary works, etc.
• Documentaries on writing, authors, literary works, etc.
• Theoretical interactions: language and signification.
• Spectators and/as readers.
• Film in literature: literary works involving filmic experience; cinema as a theme, source and inspiration for fiction.
The conference will be held in 3-4 May 2010 in Istanbul University. The standard languages of the conference are English and Turkish, there will be no translations. Individual papers as well as panel discussions and workshops are welcome. Deadline for abstract submissions is 23 October 2009. Proposals should be approximately 250-300 words and may be submitted by e-mail to the following address: