Mystical Bridges to Postmodernity: Toward a Critical Theology? (9-15-09; Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo, May 2010)

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Timothy M. Asay, University of Oregon
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There's nothing new under the sun—-including this aphorism—-though each generation seems to rediscover old thought-ways, contributing to them a rhetoric of novelty. This panel seeks to explore the ways in which critical philosophy of the past forty years has reduplicated and reconfigured the revelations of theology, especially (though not exclusively) mystical and contemplative theology. Discussions could range from the "negative theology" of the later Derrida to the mystical psychology of the Real in Lacan, or the scholasticism of structuralism. The goal is not only to "apply" the current critical lexicon to theology, but to show how spiritual texts can meaningfully comment upon and enrich our experience of critical theory. Neither text in this sense need necessarily be "primary" or "secondary," but each should seek to explore and expand the ideas of the other.

Submission Details: This panel will be a part of the 2010 International Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo Michigan, May 13-16. Abstracts should be for papers twenty minutes in length and should be no longer than one page. Submit abstracts to Tim Asay at no later than September 15, 2009.