[UPDATE] "H.D. and the Image" feature is still seeking submissions of creative and critical work

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Submissions are currently being accepted for a feature, "H.D. and the Image," which is tentatively scheduled for publication in Jacket. The feature will focus on the relevance of Imagist technique to contemporary poetry, particularly the ways that poets today continue to draw from the Imagist tradition that Hilda Doolittle represented. Doolittle remains a unique figure in 20th century women's poetry, particularly because she continually revised her own definition of Imagist technique in transitioning from early works like Sea Garden to later book such as Helen in Egypt. With these ideas in mind, the feature would focus on Doolittle's presentation of a constantly shifting vision of Imagism, in which the use of such techniques rise to meet the cultural moment that the poet inhabits. Although particular emphasis will be placed on women poets who continue to use Imagist strategies like Doolittle's, the feature will also address broader questions about the persisting legacy of Imagism in contemporary poetry.

Creative and critical work will be considered. Creative work should address the Imagist tradition through style and/or subject matter, although there are no other restrictions on form or content. Reviews, essays, and interviews with contemporary poets are also welcome. Critical writings must address Imagist poetry or the continued presence of this tradition in contemporary poetry.

Deadline for submissions: August 1. Please send to: Kristina Marie Darling, kristinamariedarling@yahoo.com