Journal of Research Practice (JRP)

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Athabasca University Press, Canada

Journal of Research Practice (JRP) is inviting submissions from researchers with any disciplinary or professional backgrounds. The journal cuts across disciplines and fields, seeking to draw out the living dimensions of research.

Focus and Scope

The journal seeks to develop our understanding of research as a type of practice, so as to extend and enhance that practice in the future. The Journal aims to highlight the dynamics of research practice, as it unfolds in the life of a researcher, in the growth and decline of a field, and in relation to a changing social and institutional environment. The Journal welcomes deliberation on the basic issues and challenges encountered by researchers in any specific domain. The Journal aims to explore why and how different activities, criteria, methods, and languages become part of research practice in any domain. This is expected to trigger interdisciplinary dialogue, mutual learning, facilitate research education, and promote innovations in different fields.

Open-Access Advantage: There are several advantages of open-access publishing, including increased visibility globally and, therefore, increased chance of your work reaching potential readers and users.