Superheroes Since the Year 2000

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Kevin D. Williams

Submissions are invited for an upcoming edited book covering the superhero genre. There is a great need to re-interpret such issues as morality, power, patriotism, and heroism in this new millennium, especially as events such as 9-11, terrorism, torture, corporate profiteering, economic decline, and technological advances impact the U.S. and the world. With the success of Heroes, The Dark Knight, and numerous other superhero movies, the public is looking to understand its world through its superheroes.
This book will focus on the superhero genre in all facets of media, not just the printed comics. Articles on superhero television shows, movies, and online sites are welcome as well. However, the article must address the topic since the year 2000.
For our purposes, superheroes can be defined as someone having abilities beyond those of normal humans (in other words, someone with superpowers or powers gained through training). For example, characters such as Batman, Green Arrow, Harry Potter, and James Bond classify as superheroes.
Possible Topics Include Superheroes and:

• Terrorism
• Politics
• Religion
• Foreign policy
• Morality
• Capitalism
• Family
• History
• Advertising
• Sex
• Violence
• Environmental issues
• 9-11
• Technology
• Psychology
• Criminal Justice
• Gender

Contributor guidelines:
1. Abstract of paper (not to exceed 500 words) or full papers accepted.
2. CV or resume for each author and co-author.
3. Submission deadline for abstracts: October 31st, 2009.
4. Materials should be submitted by e-mail to Kevin Williams at